Hosting the CLR the Right Way

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The previous post covered the easy way to host the CLR in a native process by using a deprecated API. When you use this API, Visual Studio will print the following warning: warning C4996: ‘ClrCreateManagedInstance’: This API has been deprecated. Refer to for more details. But good luck trying to figure out what you’re supposed to do from that page. It basically tells you to use the hosting APIs or call directly through COM. Read More...

Hosting the CLR the Old Way

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Your native C++ Windows application can load the CLR in its process. This is easier than you think. Sometimes rewriting code in .NET is just not a good option. If you want to get the CLR up and running in your application quickly, here’s how to do it. The next post will go over the preferred way to host the CLR. I assume you are using Visual Studio. If that is not the case, install the Windows SDK to get access to the . Read More...