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Cadence Java Samples on Windows

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This post covers how to run the Cadence Java sample workflows on Windows. First, you’ll need the JDK installed. If you’re using Java 11, you may run into this issue, which prints Could not determine java version from ‘11.0.1’ when you attempt to build the samples. The TLDR is that you should just downgrade to Java 8. The Cadence Java samples use Gradle. The installation instructions for Gradle are here. I recommend the Chocolatey option as that’s used in the instructions for running the Cadence server locally. Read More...

Running Cadence on Windows

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Uber Cadence is a powerful tool for writing long-running applications. It’s used at Uber for many scenarios because of its consistency guarantees and simple programming model. At Uber, we use Mac and Linux so all the instructions for running Cadence locally are geared toward Mac. I have mostly Windows machines but would still like to experiment with it at home. Fortunately, the Cadence server is a Docker container so it can be run on Windows. Read More...


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